Transform 100 Premier Classic Internal Textured Nipple Cross dresser Breast Forms (PAIR)


Product Description

Transform 100 Premier Classic Crossdresser Breast Forms are softer, highly resilient and have an newly designed internal textured nipple that blends smoothly across the form to look and feel just like real nipples. The new outer polyurethane membrane is very supple with a more matte appearance to offer a more natural look and softer "bouncier" feel from a cross dresser breast form.

These transgender breast forms are asymmetrical so they specifically fit the left and the right side of the body for more precision fit against the body and in a bra. Outer wings have been designed to accomodate the movement of the arms so the forms do not creep forward when wearing. These cross dresser breast forms are available in sizes 1-12 fitting from 32A up to a 46DD.


Sizes: 1-12 (See fitting chart for corresponding bra size)

Colors: Beige

Gel: SUPERSOFT gel matches natural tissue, extra soft resilient outer membrane

Nipple: Internal, natural looking textured nipple