Nearly Me Tapered Oval Symmetric Silicone Breast Form #870


Product Description

Nearly Me Basic® Tapered Oval Breast Form #870 is standard weight 100% silicone and symmetric in design, so that it will fit both the right and left side. The prosthesis has a modified profile with the wing long so that it lays flatter against the chest, making a nice transition to the natural tissue, while the apex is slightly lower. It can be turned in any direction to fill where needed or can be turned for wear in strapless dresses and halter tops. A small subtle nipple is centered in the apex. The form is encapsulated in a highly durable polyurethane film to keep it soft but wearable for many years. Cloth Comfort Cover included. Colors: Beige. Available Sizes: 1-14 (Click on Size Chart to Enlarge View)