Nearly Me 390 Internal Nipple Breast Form


Product Description

Nearly Me 390 Standard Weight with Internal Nipple Breast Form: This form has an internal tinted nipple with subtle aureola shading for a more realistic look. This symmetrical triangle fits easily on either side of the body and is made with 100% standard weight silicone which is soft and lifelike and is the closest in feel and weight to the natural breast tissue. The entire form is encapsulated in a supple polyurethane membrane that is highly durable and resilient. This standard weight silicone is often recommended for women who have more dense breast tissue and need more weight to match their remaining natural breast. The front profile of each form has a lower nipple apex that simulates the look of a draping natural breast and the slightly concave back allows the form to blend with the chest wall without collapsing. The longer tapers top wing blends with the upper breast area for a smooth uninterrupted line. This style is available in size 1-12 (See Nearly Me sizing chart). Profile is semi-full. Colors: Beige and Sable. Additional breast form covers are Nearly Me 17-910. Two year warranty against manufacturing defects and each comes with a cloth Mastectomy Accessories