795 NEARLY ME LITES® Universal/Heart Shape


Product Description

NEARLY ME LITES® Breast Forms are made with a "whipped" silicone gel that is 20% lighter than standard-weight silicone gel. The "whipped" gel has a different softness than the standard-weight gel, and it feels more like mature breast tissue.

The Universal shape is similar to the Classic Asymmetrical shape except that it can be turned in different directions and can fit either side of the body. The straight edge can be turned toward the under-arm or toward the center of the chest for the best fit. This shape offers a precise fit like the Classic without having to worry about rights and lefts.

This form has a flatter back profile with a slightly concave area in the center to conform to the chest wall and accomodate more remaining tissue.

“Whipped” silicone gel forms are very popular because they are lighter, but the decision to wear a lighter form should be considered carefully. Consult your Certified Mastectomy Fitter to make sure your bra and breast form fit correctly if you feel that your breast form is too heavy.