860 Standard Weight Modified Triangle


Product Description

Soft, yet Durable outer film Available in Beige and Soft Sable Skin Tones (Soft Sable is special order only) Curved back hugs the chest wall (over remaining tissue) for a contoured fit. Symmetrical to fit either side of the body. Best if worn with the smallest curve at the top. FREE Comfort Cover included! 2-year manufacturer’s warranty. Made in U.S.A. Modified” means that the profile of the form is shallow in total depth, and does not add a lot of projection. Recommended for those who have more remaining tissue under the arm or on the front of the chest after surgery, or who have small rounded natural breasts.

Symmetrical means left and right sides are identical. The symmetrical shape can fit on the left or right side.

The #860 is made with standard-weight soft SILICONE gel which closely matches the weight of natural tissue.