TF202 TRANSFORM SUPERSOFT® Full Triangle Breast Forms


Product Description

These ultra-soft, silicone breast forms are made with a softer silicone formulation and have a thinner, more supple outer skin which allows them to drape more than our standard forms. They have our unique internal nipple to replicate the natural breast. Triangles are symmetrical forms, so they fit either side of the body, but they do have a top and a bottom. TRANSFORM SUPERSOFT® Full Triangles are very easy to fit. Each form's contoured back curves to the chest wall for a smooth, natural look.

Sizes: 1-12 (see fitting chart for corresponding bra sizes) Colors: Beige, Soft Sable Gel: SUPERSOFT® gel with thinner, more supple polyurethane skin Nipple: Internal, medium color Details: •Symmetrical to fit either side of the body •Ultra soft gel and supple skin to match the "drape" of a natural breast •Best if worn with the smallest curve at the top, not meant to be turned in different directions •Easy to fit •Sold in pairs only price for size 1-9 $195.00 size 10-12 $225.00